Mowjow is a gaming company that is on a mission to become a market leader in gaming, technology and entertainment. We want to create rewarding gaming experiences that will thrive in a fast-growing global market. The Company was founded in 2013 by the Norwegian entrepreneur and investor Andreas Christensen with the objective of creating a new and profoundly rewarding generation of games that capitalise on the growing trend of visual communication in mobile technology.

Since our initial launch, we have developed and published a portfolio of visual quiz game formats that are designed to appeal to a broad global audience of smartphones and tablet users who play our browser-based web applications or install our games through direct-to-consumer digital storefronts.

Our focus is to provide a highly engaging, differentiated entertainment experience where the combination of challenge and progress results in real rewards. Many our games are free to play, while players also can purchase tickets to access premium skill based tournaments, where they compete against each other for prizes and rewards. We embed strong social and competitive features in our content that enhance the player experience. We believe all these elements in combination have made our content a core part of our audience’s daily entertainment.

We have been a developer and publisher of skill-based games on digital platforms since 2013. Trivia games - and quiz games in particular - are easy to learn but hard to master, and can be played in a few minutes on a wide range of devices. They have enjoyed broad appeal since they were first offered in a digital format in the 1980s.

Gaming, including the quiz segment, is large and growing quickly, driven by key technology and consumer trends, creating the potential for leading entertainment franchises to emerge from the category. The proliferation of mobile devices is dramatically expanding the global gaming audience, much of which is attracted to social titles.

Social connectivity has become a prevalent feature of interactive entertainment, transforming the scale and economics of the industry through viral content distribution. Furthermore, free-to-play business models have vastly increased the revenue potential of the category

by eliminating upfront barriers and facilitating streams of small payments throughout the game. Lastly, expansion of mobile gaming audiences and demographic shifts in the digital gaming population have led to a significant increase in ad spend in the mobile gaming space.

Mowjow is a “Mobile First” company. This means that the Company’s offering is fundamentally developed for mobile devices. Since inception, we have developed a catalogue of game IPs, which we continuously expand. We refer to our game IP as the intellectual property assets that include its name, game play mechanics, visual expression, graphics and design. We are able to gather rapid feedback from a subset of our sophisticated, highly engaged player base. We believe this approach has allowed us to develop game formats faster, at lower risk and at lower cost than our competitors.

We believe the thrilling experience of competing for real prizes, the inherently social nature of our games, our data-driven marketing processes, and our cross-platform technology infrastructure, are key competitive advantages. We obtain the vast majority of our installs organically or through viral channels that are driven by the effectiveness of our social features. We seed these channels by leveraging our significant capabilities in content and paid based player acquisition. We run numerous discrete campaigns periodically, each with individual target metrics, and all subject to the same target return parameters. Furthermore, we supplement organic and paid marketing channels with our proprietary “Influencer” program, where users receive real rewards for introducing new players to the game.

We have put the long-term retention of our players at the heart of our business model. While our players can enjoy our games for free, we generate the majority of our revenue by selling tickets that are used to access prize tournaments to a subset of players who wish to enhance their entertainment experience. Our approach is to make our pricing transparent and consistent throughout the game journey. We believe that targeting a modest share of our customers’ entertainment spend drives game longevity and customer loyalty, and is the most effective way of building a sustainable business over the long term. Following these principles, we aim to gather a wide base of players. Furthermore, we implemented the internal structure to support the sale and display of digital advertising within our games. The advertising revenue serves to round out the revenue generated by the sale of tickets.

Since our inception, Mowjow has gone on to become an attractive proposition for a rapidly growing group of more than 630 shareholders, who are backing us to sustain a long and profitable future. We believe Mowjow gives everyone, everywhere, the opportunity to invest in, and be part of, the fast-moving, and highly rewarding, mobile gaming market – something which is usually only reserved for the Silicon Valley elite.

With an international team of seasoned professionals, innovative technology, and robust business strategy, we’re well positioned for success.