I am satisfied to report that over the past months we have assembled a new commercial team of really clever and creative advisors with profound experience from gaming, media and marketing.

They are all enthusiastic about our concept and have been diligently working to address every aspect of our platform, product and go-to-market strategy.

After much due diligence, we have concluded that we indeed have a solid gaming platform and with more than 500,000 beta games played, it has technically proven itself. Our technology team over the past year is world class and the result is a gaming platform that is reliable and very fast.

With a fresh approach, we realised that although our technology was great, there was something missing. The desired player delight and stickiness was simply not good enough.

We really needed to create an even better product!

So together we have transformed the “old” concept into something that we are all extremely excited about. Our team has gone a long way in simplifying and pleasing the players with some really new and delightful experiences. The final voice and tone of the next storm is now being fine tuned by some of the best creative brains. I can guarantee that you will be amazed by our work.

“The Ultimate Prize Quiz” is our new slogan, and it says it all.

We have also taken onboard investments from our new team, as well as their friends and families. And in order to secure the final touch of the transformation and launch, I have also personally committed substantial funding.

For the team and myself there is only one goalpost ahead: a successful Mowjow.

I am really excited to shortly start unveiling more details to you. Meanwhile I am sincerely thankful for your continued support.

Tomorrow, I am off for some days with our technology team in Kharkiv; let’s keep our fingers crossed that Putin will not be trigger-happy these days. When I return, I will reveal more details to you.

I think this summer will be a good one!

Best regards,
Andreas Christensen
Executive Chairman & Founder of Mowjow
Email: [email protected]

This newsletter was originally published on June 2, 2015.