Unprecedented mobile gaming profits are changing the face of the world economy. Tencent acquired Supercell in a $10 billion deal. Pokémon Go added $9 billion to Nintendo’s market value.

Quizzes never go out of fashion. Trailblazers Quizkampen, QuizUp and TriviaCrack have shown that quiz play is ideal for on-screen play.

Mowjow has perfected mobile advertising with multi-dimensional and precision-engineered formats. This – coupled with real prizes – means we sit in the sweet spot of three immense, global markets:

1. Mobile gaming is worth €33bn a year and is growing at 29%
2. Mobile gambling is worth €23bn and is growing at 25%
3. Mobile advertising is worth €55bn and is growing at 29%
4. The latest company analysis confirms we are in a hot place.

Supercell -The synopsis.

Supercell went from a zero-value company in Finland to a $3bn behemoth in three years. With an initial focus on the tablet platform demographic, Supercell produced the global hit Clash of Clans. Other well-known successes are Hay Day and Boom Beach.

Supercell’s gaming communities total just under 30 million active players. The platform is optimized to keep players coming back. The average user plays 12 sessions a day. Supercell posted $964 million profit and $2.3 billion in revenue in 2015. Sales were up 37% from the previous year’s $1.55 billion.

Pokémon Go - The synopsis.

Pokémon Go successfully introduced augmented reality and outdoor gameplay to the world. Its release was a global event.

Developed by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo, the game was originally designed as a nostalgic appeal to a demarcated demographic. Pokémon Go became the highest grossing app in the US in 13 hours. It generated more than $4 million on its first day.

Candy Crush Saga -The synopsis.

UK-based King Digital Entertainment released the game in 2012 and grew the community to half a billion by early 2015.

CCS is the most popular Facebook game of all time and accounts for over a third of King’s revenue. The game was originally developed for women aged 25-45 but has seen massive demographic crossover.

The technological platform runs a sophisticated freemium model based on 35 free levels and then no less than 1,600 levels of premium.

QuizUp - The synopsis.

Icelandic company Plain Vanilla Games launched QuizUp in 2013. It was the fastest-growing mobile game at the time. With more than 3.5 million downloads in its first three weeks it now has a community of over 33 million players.

QuizUp’s educational content and participatory question generation system maximize player engagement and retention. Plain Vanilla Games has raised over $26 million in venture capital investments. It secured a $7.5 million investment from Glu Mobile earlier this year.

QuizKampen: The synopsis.

Quizkampen was released back in 2012 as an appeal to trivia competition fans.

The game’s community now consists of 50 million players quizzing in 19 languages. The game has crossed over into a TV show in Germany and a board game in Italy.

QuizKampen boosted owner FEO Media’s revenues to $15 million. The game’s paid version is played by 12% of players.  

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This article was originally published on August 6, 2016.