Today we’re writing to update you on everything happening with Mowjow and our exciting developments.

The Beginning

From the outset, we devised Mowjow to be a picture-based quiz game. It was an endeavour that saw us create our own niche within web-based apps and single-players games before we advanced into the world of multiplayer games and hybrid apps.

Then earlier this year, we launched new fast and fully native apps that featured us in a sizeable campaign by Norway’s largest newspaper, VG. The response was great, providing invaluable insights as we continue to further improve and scale our game.

Today, Mowjow has expanded into some new verticals as we leverage our knowledge and powerful technological capabilities.

The Platform

The ongoing development of Mowjow has fuelled the innovative development of Mowjow World – our conceptual blockchain-based platform.

Mowjow World is a transformative concept that instantly separates itself from other decentralised platforms by addressing critical player data issues while also upholding a previously unheard of, mutually beneficial, relationship with advertising brands. With Mowjow World, we’re pushing the limits of our tech to both broaden our business and secure substantial resources for further innovation.

In January, we were honored to receive incredible commitments in the immediate lead-up to our Mowjow World token sale. Then, just as we were about to launch our token sale, the crypto markets dropped following legal uncertainties. As a result, our team, lawyers and partners decided to postpone our token sale launch.

Our valued commitments are still in place and we are excited to confirm the token sale will shortly be launching as originally planned. But we haven’t been hanging around in that time.

The Supercharge

Our team has been working tirelessly, creating a new blockchain gaming concept as we continue to gather resources from the apex of the crypto technology field.

We’ve ventured into a “pay-to-play” crypto game combined with a novel referral marketing solution. It’s a fresh and accessible gaming concept using uniquely designed gaming “balls” to place bets, incorporating both strategic and skill-based components with all wagers and prizes in Ethereum.

We’ve developed this game from scratch – you can think of it as a Candy Crush-style game with crypto prizes. The concept is right at the cusp of current blockchain technologies, so stay tuned for more details coming soon.

The Ownership

And as for corporate matters, you are registered with shares in Mowjow Limited via our London based holding company. All ventures are made within the Mowjow group, though draw upon the valued services and finances of various trusted partners and subsidiaries.

That’s all for now – we’re looking forward to an incredibly eventful time over the coming months and creating additional stakeholder value for every one of us!

All the best,
Andreas Christensen
Executive Chairman & Founder

This newsletter was originally published on August 10, 2018.