The Quiz

Mowjow, the ultimate mobile quiz game is played in live, quick-fire rounds by contestants from all over the world. Each round is a multiple-choice race against the clock. Every question is based on a stunning image and the whole experience looks and feels awesome on-screen.

Mowjow is all about gripping, universally appealing, next-generation gameplay.  Players compete in tournaments for cash, prizes or glory.

Tapping immense markets

Our business taps into three immense global markets: mobile gambling, mobile gaming and mobile advertising.

Mowjow is a game of skill and therefore operates with far more regulatory freedom than gambling platforms. We have a highly profitable core business model. Players buy tickets to enter tournaments where they win highly desirable prizes or big cash giveaways.

The business is cash-positive at only 100,000 paying players and is set up for vast, quickly accelerating growth.

Advertising partnerships

Mowjow is uniquely attractive to advertisers because it is open to highly profitable new types of mobile advertising.

Based on sophisticated user intelligence, high volumes of visitors and our in-house expertise, we provide a wide choice of adapted, non-invasive formats for our advertising partners.

Our partners can also sponsor individual tournament prizes and help us design games featuring their brands. In this way, Mowjow provides an ideal positioning opportunity for high-end products from sectors such as travel, motoring and consumer electronics.  

Quizzing and prizes, the next level

Successful trailblazers in the quiz gaming and gambling segments have shown beyond doubt that there is immense market demand for mobile gaming and quiz apps.

Compared to the existing market, Mowjow offers vastly superior gameplay, near-universal appeal, exciting prizes and an aggressive user base expansion strategy. We are taking it to the next level.

Robust technology

Mowjow has a purpose-built, secure and scalable proprietary technology platform.

Our expertise and technology optimizes tournament dynamics, keeps data safe and ensures gameplay is always secure, rewarding and fair. The technological platform will allow Mowjow to capitalize on new market-driven opportunities as they arise. We already have a significant pipeline of new products.

Rewarding experiences

Our aggressive user base expansion model is based on invitations and referrals.

It goes without saying that players can readily invite others from their social networks to try Mowjow. But what sets Mowjow apart is that players are rewarded for doing so in a perfectly cost-optimized way.

Referral-based marketing is the most effective marketing there is. The quiz game segment is no exception.

The Knowledge Bank  

Mowjow has created the Knowledge Bank, an encyclopaedic base of easily digested nuggets of information. The Knowledge Bank is not just a training ground for existing Mowjow players who want to get better at quizzes. It also brings in new visitors from search engines and provides a perfect, visually appealing platform for casual trivia browsing. Browsing the Knowledge Bank is incentivized with free tickets, which also encourages new users to try the quiz game.

Mowjow is the only gaming platform leading the emerging, potentially massive market of gamified education.

You now have an opportunity to be part of Mowjow!

Mowjow offers a unique concept with vast growth potential in immense markets. The modelling predicts outsize investment returns based on a short revenue runway and high cash generation.

We are currently seeking €600,000 at €0.30 per share. These 2 million shares represents 5% equity in our holding company Mowjow Limited (10213230).  

This article was published on July 8, 2016.