It’s official, players love Mowjow. We’re experiencing in-app engagement rates of more than 80%, and as we fine-tune and develop our apps based on player feedback for significantly improved gameplay, we expect this high engagement to continue.

We’ve got a good initial player base, but we’re now gearing up to target larger groups of players in the US and UK, two of the world’s largest and most profitable gaming markets with more than 200 million mobile gamers combined.

We’re approaching these markets with captivating new category-based game formats that’ll entertain all fans of The Super Bowl and Premier League Football.

This signals the start of a much stronger strategic focus on nurturing the interests of large player segments in order to generate a strong, targeted appeal and increased engagement. We’re aligning fresh new content and our technology platform is already purpose-built to efficiently handle these new category-based game formats.

We’re extremely excited about this, and we’re looking forward to launching it.

Exchange Shares

Following on from our August newsletter “A Better Home”, where we discussed our move to London, we have further news.

Our new holding company, Mowjow Limited has recently been issued with an international securities (ISIN) number by London Stock Exchange and the shares are being electronically registered with Euroclear UK & Ireland (CREST).

We’re now executing on the share exchange process, and you will later today receive an email directly from our system with all the details on how to exchange your existing shares for a stake in the new holding company.

It’s important that you read this carefully and sign the required Share Exchange & Registration Agreement that we provide you with. It’s a fully automated online process, so it should be a swift thing to complete.

Exclusive Opportunity

To boost our marketing, we’ve decided to raise additional capital. We’ve already seen great interest from new external investors, but to thank you for your support, we’re offering existing shareholders, like you, an exclusive opportunity to invest at a favourable rate before anyone else. We’ll send you an email shortly with more details, so don’t miss out.

All the best,
Andreas Christensen
Executive Chairman & Founder

This newsletter was originally published on December 17, 2016.