I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. I have three Mowjow important updates for you.

Exclusive pre-launch

You are invited to experience the gripping gameplay, stunning images and exhilarating competition of the game before everybody else.  

The public launch of the Mowjow quiz game is only a few weeks away. We are currently in the fine-tuning phase and the game will be available soon to the world.

There will be an exclusive pre-launch for you, our shareholders, about a week before we go live. We would like you to join us in making history. It’s a small way of saying thank you.  Final invitations will be sent soon.

Advisory board additions

We are delighted to welcome two heavy-hitting executives to Mowjow’s advisory board.

One is the former head of gaming at YouTube, who gives us over ten years of executive experience from YouTube as well as Google.  The other addition is an international partner at Garrison Group, the leading specialists in go-to-market strategy.

Both new advisory board members have made substantial personal investments in Mowjow. Their experience, insight and specialist skills are great assets for Mowjow as we move up to the next level.    


As you are probably aware, we are moving the location of our holding company from Stockholm to London. Your shareholdings are currently being securely transferred to Euronext in London, free of charge.  

After careful consideration, we decided that being located in London has many advantages, not least the greater access it gives us to capital markets and international investors. The new location also offers tax benefits and makes intragroup transactions easier.

All operative subsidiaries are being transferred to the new holding company and the old holding company will soon be closed. We will revert with more information as we complete the restructuring.  

Keep enjoying the summer and see you at the pre-launch!  

Andreas Christensen  

This article was originally published as a shareholder update on July 21, 2016