Over the past weeks we have sent you six emails with important information regarding transfer and registration of your shares. We kindly urge you to sign the mandatory agreement as devised below.

We kindly refer you to our newsletter “A Better Home”, which we sent on August 2, 2016 regarding  the transfer of Mowjow to a new holding company in London.

Since we sent that newsletter we have closed our Swedish holding company and fully implemented our new structure in London.

Our new holding company, Mowjow Limited has recently been issued with an international securities (ISIN) number by London Stock Exchange and the shares are being electronically registered with Euroclear UK & Ireland (CREST).

The next step for you is to exchange your shares from Mowjow AB to Mowjow Limited through a “Share Exchange & Registration Agreement”. For avoidance of doubt, you’ll exchange one share in Mowjow AB  for one share in Mowjow Limited, and this share exchange will not cost you anything.

For those of you with shares already registered with Mowjow Limited, we will also need your acceptance of this agreement to register and deliver your shares electronically through Euroclear UK & Ireland (CREST).

We have made it easy for you to sign this agreement, just click on your personal link below and follow the instructions to electronically sign this agreement on either your desktop or your smartphone:

[Investors link]

(Please remember to sign the agreement properly).

For more information on Mowjow Limited, please visit the Mowjow website where you’ll find a comprehensive Information Memorandum and the Articles of Association. Please review this material carefully. If you have any questions, please contact us at: [email protected]

This is the beginning of an even brighter future for Mowjow. Our move to the UK is designed to help us attract further investment, and achieve our goal of a visible liquidity event for all shareholders.

Your investment in Mowjow will remain active, as long as you sign the share exchange agreement - and we kindly urge you to do so immediately.

Thanks for your cooperation.

All the best,
Andreas Christensen
Executive Chairman & Founder

This operational note was originally sent on January 11, 2017.