We’re finally closing in on the first game release.

The past months have been extremely challenging and frustrating as we've been touching game release so many times, just to discover another issue around the corner. We've had a playable core game for a long time; however, the surrounding elements have not been playing perfectly in concert.

In addition to the issues with the previous payment gateway, we've experienced challenges related to multiplayer synchronisation, friend invites, tricky Facebook connections and trailing of used questions with limited number of players. We've worked hard to find good solutions and we think we've accomplished this.

We've also carefully reviewed the game configurations in relation to player liquidity and release path. We've decided to split the original game into several separate games for each prize amount. This enables us to maintain an attractive release path while the player base grows. It's been important to have a lot of winners, and by starting off with small games that only require 20 players per game round, we believe we're meeting this criteria. We will also be able to build up a foundation for highly player demanding multi-tiered games, with prizes of €100,000 and even €1 million.

We've created a detailed presentation for the game design and release phases, please enjoy reading it by downloading it here.

So when is the launch? Two weeks ago, one of our main developers in Norway suddenly became severely ill; but fortunately he resumed to his duties yesterday. The timing couldn't be worse, but we're now endeavoring to get things finalised and expect to release within the next 10 days.

We're very satisfied with the updated proposition and we hope you like it too. Needless to say we're all eager to get the Next Storm live!

We'll be back shortly :-)

Best regards,
Andreas Christensen
Executive Chairman & Founder of Mowjow

This newsletter was published on June 17, 2014.