Here at Mowjow, we wanted to take a moment to say thanks and happy birthday to the iPhone.

Introducing the iPhone

Apple released the first iPhone back in 2007, in a move that astonished the tech world. Replacing the keyboard in favour of a touch screen set a new benchmark in mobile product design. It’s fair to say that combining the entertainment of an iPod with the utility of a phone, made these new ‘smartphones’ essential.

This sector-defining handset has been instrumental in the rise of mobile gaming as a $multi-billion industry. The importance of the iPhone to mobile gaming cannot be underestimated. Without it, the market we know and love today wouldn’t exist.

Changing the Industry

Before the iPhone, mobile games were powered by Java J2ME technology. Not every phone could support these games, and distribution was patchy at best.

Apple introduced apps to the world, and changed everything for mobile gaming. Thanks to the iPhone, there is now:

A central distribution point for users to discover and download games – known as the App store.

Highly responsive touch screens as standard to help players directly control games.

The opportunity for players to experience high-quality stereo audio on their phones.

Powerful technology that means more advanced games can be created and played.

The Future of Mobile Gaming

The latest version of the iPhone – known as the iPhone 7 – is an extremely popular prize on Mowjow. So much so, you can check out the blog post we wrote about 7 reasons to own an iPhone 7.

Thanks to a new iPhone due for release in September, the smartphone gaming market will continue to grow. So, here’s wishing the iPhone 10 more years at the top.

This article was originally posted on January 9, 2017.