Despite our somewhat turbulent and slow pre-launch in December, we currently have registered more than 1,000 people that have got more than 80,000 commissions paid from more than 15,000 internal income centres. So, in that sense the Mowjow platform and the SocialRewards system is working perfectly.

The main issue has been the payment gateway. However, we can assure that improvements are being made from all parties involved. Currently, there are still some issues related to card management, but the payment gateway has improved. Further enhancements are in process and we will get back to you shortly with more information.

We will shortly also start testing the game amongst our investors and we think you will like what we have prepared. We are currently finishing off internal tests and fixes; therefore, we are not putting forward a specific time-frame, but it will be pretty soon.

Related to the listing process we need to remind you to get your Mangold account established. We need to have a certain amount of shareholders enrolled with Mangold accounts in order to list; without this we are not able to proceed efficiently. In case you have not managed to do this yet, we kindly ask you to take care of this issue immediately!

If any questions please contact Mr. Cato Lyngstad at [email protected] He will also start contacting investors directly to make sure as many as possible enrol with Mangold. Without a valid Mangold account you're not able to get listed shares at your disposal.  

For all other support questions please use the email [email protected] and please do not post on Facebook, send SMS or direct emails. We need all support inquiry into our structured support system. We also need inquiries in English and preferable with details like screenshots etc.  

We know many of you have been sending inquiries to our support and have been awaiting replies for too long. We’re a start-up and we have had busy days over the past weeks, but we’re currently implementing new and enhanced procedures in order to serve you better. However, many of the support inquiries are related to the payment gateway and we’ve been awaiting third party replies. With the holiday season well away we’ll get this more streamlined.

We’re appreciating your continued support in 2014 and will get back with some great news shortly.

Best regards,
Andreas Christensen
Executive Chairman & Founder

This article was originally published as a shareholder update on January 7, 2014.