The launch of of our app sets Mowjow up for a big year of diversification.

Happy New Year!

2016 was a huge year for Mowjow. We launched a mobile app in the Apple and Google app stores, which has been played in more than 100 countries, and now we have even bigger plans for 2017.

The Year of Growth

To help grow our player base, and realise outsized returns for our investors, we’ve created new category based quiz formats that will help us tap into existing fan bases in the US and UK.  

To help us score a touchdown in the US, we’re offering Super Bowl tickets in our American Football Quiz. Last year over 115 million people in the States watched the game on TV, and we want a piece of the pie.

And to kick off our UK presence, we’re about to launch a Manchester United quiz tournament as part of our English Premier League series. This iconic football club has over 600 million fans worldwide, and we want to test their knowledge.

We’re also exploring acquisition and partnership deals to leverage the fan bases of other quiz websites, so we’re firing on all cylinders to create explosive growth this year.

Supercharge Your Investment

Want to help supercharge your investment and grow it even quicker? The more players we have, the more valuable your shares will become. So, all you need to do is follow these 4 easy steps to invite your friends to play Mowjow and help us grow our player base.

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to download our app onto your smartphone – it’s available on both the Google and Apple app stores. Next, you’ll need to sign in to the app using Facebook. Once you’re in, it’s super easy to share Mowjow with all your Facebook friends. You’ll also get a unique sharing link which you can send to people via SMS, Twitter, or email.

There’s no limit

There’s no limit to the amount of people you can invite, but we suggest you go for at least 10 to get the most out of our challenge and custom quiz features.

Because we like competitions, and to say thanks for your help, we have a prize on offer:

Whoever invites the most players by Sunday 8th January will get 10,000 extra shares in Mowjow.

When we reach 1 million players these shares will be worth a cool €10,000, and by the time we hit 5 million players they’ll skyrocket to an eye-watering €50,000.

Secure More Shares

Because of our progress in 2016 and our huge plans for 2017, we’re seeing significant interest in Mowjow and an increase in the market value of our shares. Before we speak to third party investors, we want to offer you the opportunity to add to your shareholding at a favourable rate, as our way of saying thanks.

To take advantage of the exclusive rate of just €0.30 a share, you can purchase additional shares via our website up until 11.59pm on Sunday 8th January 2017 using the code: EXCLUSIVE2017.  

Don’t miss out, the next time we release shares, they’ll cost significantly more.

Feel free to invite your friends to use this offer code, so they can take advantage of this exclusive rate too, because when we hit 3 million players it’ll create a 10x return on investment.

So, what are you waiting for? Secure more shares now at the Mowjow website.

All the best,
Andreas Christensen
Executive Chairman & Founder

This newsletter was originally published on December 31, 2016.