Your Mowjow dashboard

Your dashboard lets you access all areas of Mowjow. It’s designed to make navigating our game super easy. The Mowjow dash lets you access:

1. All game types including active games, tournaments and challenges
2. The Mowjow leaderboard
3. Your friends list (with on/offline display)
4. Your new and read notifications
5. Your Mowjow game history
6. Your private messages and other social features.

How the quiz works

Each round of Mowjow features 10 questions chosen at random from our trivia question vault. Each question is based on one of our rich, mobile-optimised images and comes from one of 11 categories including: Nature, Lifestyle, Sports, TV, Brands, People, Places, Science, Music, History, and Entertainment.

Here’s an example:

Each question has 4 answers, one of which is correct. You win the round by answering the most questions correctly and in the quickest time – do you have what it takes?

How to play

Mowjow offers different types of quiz play to satisfy every trivia lover.

Each game can be enjoyed with friends, family or people around the world. You can play exactly how you want to!

1. Do you want to test yourself for fun against your family and friends?
2. Do you desire the glory of victory against others in our global community?
3. Or do you want the thrill of competing for prizes against other quiz champions?

Whatever way you want to play, Mowjow has the perfect game for you.

Free Games

With free games you can challenge friends, family or quiz lovers across Mowjow’s global player base. Just tap “Challenge” on your Mowjow dash to invite players from your Facebook or pair up with a random challenger.

If you choose to go up against a random player, Mowjow finds you a competitor that shares your skill level for quiz play that’s fun and fair. That’s why you sometimes might wait a little while before you know who your opponent is when you start a new free game.

Challenges take place in head-to-head single-round games, and the winner is whoever answers the most correct questions.

If it’s a draw, the winner is whoever answered their correct questions the quickest. The winner of the round also wins 1 ticket. Whenever you play Mowjow you have the opportunity to win these tickets.

Tickets are an important part of the game that let you enter tournaments. We’ll go into these in more detail after we cover the other types of games you can play on Mowjow.

Custom Quizzes

You can build custom quizzes to enjoy privately with friends and family, which are just like Mowjow’s free games except you choose the questions and images yourself.

You have the power to choose the number of rounds, the question topics and invite up to 10 friends to take part. They are a great way for friends to find out whose general knowledge skills really are #1! And the winner gets 1 free ticket, just like in Mowjow’s free games.

Aside from bragging rights, Mowjow’s custom quizzes are a great way to spend quality time with your family when you’re away from home, to spice up parties and more!


If you win a ticket in Mowjow’s free games you can use this to enter Mowjow’s range of tournaments. Tournaments come in two forms – Free and Prize Tournaments – and each offers great perks to our players.

Here’s how they work:

Free Tournaments

In Mowjow’s free tournaments you play 3 rounds against trivia fans around the world and compete to be the best. If you win all 3 rounds then you are crowned champion – it’s as simple as that.

Free tournaments are just for fun, so if you want to test your skills on the big stage and compete for irresistible prizes then use your ticket to enter one of Mowjow’s many prize tournaments.

Prize Tournaments

When you play in one of Mowjow’s prize tournaments you compete for amazing prizes including getaways, cruises, city breaks, gadgets, cars and more. In another unique feature, we will also soon introduce cash prizes to Mowjow.

Mowjow’s range of prizes sets us apart, and we’re always adding to our prize pot to make sure our prizes are the best in the industry. Prize tournaments work the same way as our free tournaments, except they feature between 3 and 7 rounds.

Win the final round of a prize tournament and you get both the prize and the glory.

Tournament Tickets

You can win tickets by winning rounds in Mowjow’s free games. It costs at least 1 ticket to enter each round of the tournament – no ticket, no play. Simple!

You earn 10 tickets whenever you invite a friend to Mowjow on social media, and soon you will also be able to buy tickets. Even those who play Mowjow for free can take part in our tournament games, just by competing and sharing.

Think of Mowjow tickets as your gateway to rewarding possibilities!

Future Game Types

We will continue to introduce exciting new game types to Mowjow and the first of these is our new 3-round flash tournament format. The first of these flash tournaments will feature an iPhone 7, up for grabs if you win 3 quick-fire rounds of trivia.

Keep an eye on your Mowjow dash for this new flash tournament format and other new types of game in the future.

How to Share Mowjow

You can share Mowjow tickets and news across our global community and also earn tickets by sharing Mowjow across your synced social media accounts.

You earn 10 tickets whenever you invite a friend to Mowjow on social media. Our exciting social features mean it is both easy and rewarding to share Mowjow across all of your platforms including Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, email – and even SMS.

So if you want to share a proud victory or milestone achievement, just hit the “share” button you see throughout Mowjow. Simply share your Mowjow roar across social media and see your number of tickets rise as your new connections start to play.

Whatever platform you choose to share Mowjow, our tech will detect and reward it accordingly. How do we do this?

With our unique Fusion Graph and Influencer program of course.

Mowjow Influencers

Our reward calculator is a big part of what makes Mowjow so special. It’s the reason we can provide the most rewarding experience in mobile quiz play.

Mowjow’s Influencer program rewards players who contribute their influence to developing our player community. So if you’re a blogger, social media star, celebrity, marketer or big man on campus, we reward you for bringing your audience to Mowjow.

But you don’t need to be famous to be an Influencer, because Mowjow brings back the focus to the average player. All you need to do is share Mowjow via social media and watch your rewards climb!

Influencers earn rewards for every player they introduce to Mowjow. We offer huge rewards for the money your new connections generate, then you earn rewards for every connection they generate. This goes on and on, with no limit. Ever.

6 Degrees of Separation (or Kevin Bacon!)

Perhaps you’ve heard of the famous game 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Well, Mowjow’s Influencer system works in much the same way.

The game refers to the well-known “6 degrees of separation” concept, that any two people on Earth are 6 or less connections apart. Film buffs took this concept and turned it into a film game that sees you try to connect any old actor to Kevin Bacon in 6 steps or less. Try it out – it really works!

What this shows our Influencers is that you really can connect with anyone around the world in just a few simple steps. If you share Mowjow with your friends list one day, who knows where news of Mowjow will end up the next day?

You can reach anyone around the world with lightning speed – and the more you reach, the more rewards you achieve!

You can start your Influencer universe right now for free on the Mowjow app. And if you want to find out more just check out Influencers can convert rewards into Mowjow tickets or donate them to an educational charity!

It’s a global positive feeling we like to call the Mowjow Effect, and we track it using our Fusion Graph.

Fusion Graph

Our whole philosophy is based on rewarding our players as much as possible, and Fusion Graph is how we do it. Mowjow’s Fusion Graph sees every positive action made across Mowjow’s global player community. And once we see it, we award it generously!

Fusion Graph ends the guesswork of existing mobile reward programs with truly accurate and generous rewards. This means the value you generate has no top-end cap. It’s a simple and profitable system that ensures your rewards are truly limitless.

And as you keep playing to increase your rewards, you also rise up our leaderboard.


Whenever you play Mowjow you continue climbing our innovative game leaderboard.

Our leaderboard uses the same ranking system as international boxing, chess and football tournaments. It’s called ELO ranking and means you can always see how you rank against Mowjow players around the world.


Your rating is based on your performance when playing Mowjow.

It uses information like how many questions you answer correctly, how quickly you complete a round and how many rounds you win.

However you play, your ranking will rise and fall. So if your ranking matters (and let’s be honest, why wouldn’t it?) you better keep on top of your game! Of course, your ranking doesn’t affect your ability to play Mowjow, so either way you’re a winner!

Get set, ready… Go!

Now we’ve guided you through how to play Mowjow, you’re all set. It’s time to take on the world! Get ready for the enjoyment, thrill and mastery of Mowjow, the mobile trivia experience that’s fun, social and good for you!

If you have not already downloaded the Mowjow app from the Apple or Google app store, search “Mowjow” and hit download! Now it’s time to train your knowledge with friends and family, to go on and play for amazing prizes!

And if you have any more questions, please refer to our detailed help section. Welcome to Mowjow, the uniquely rewarding mobile trivia game that’s fun, social and good for you. Let’s get started!

Follow these simple steps and you’ll soon be boosting your general knowledge, making friends across the world and winning fantastic prizes.

First things first

First of all, you need to download the Mowjow app to your smartphone.

Our game is available on the Google and Apple app stores and totally free – just search “Mowjow” and start the download. Once you’ve installed Mowjow, you can log in using your Facebook account. Facebook offers the most convenient access for our players and means you can easily share Mowjow with your friends.

As soon as you’ve logged into Mowjow, you become part of our global quiz community. Now you’re able to play our range of trivia games, and the fun can really begin!

This article was originally published on January 2, 2016.