Mowjow’s influencer program is a great way for you to make some extra money from your audience, and help us spread the word about our uniquely rewarding game.

The program is open to anyone, anywhere. So, If you’re a blogger, social media star, celebrity, marketer or the big man on campus, then we want to reward you for introducing Mowjow to your friends and followers.

The key part of our influencer program is your Mowjow link. It’s unique to you, and helps us keep track of who has invited who. Your link is important because:

1. Just like a fingerprint, it’s unique to you.
2. We can track exactly who has clicked it, where and when.
3. It can be shared anywhere: social media, websites, SMS messages, or even email.  
4. If your friends, fans and followers don’t click it, we won’t be able to reward you if they join.

Fire up the Mowjow app, and you’ll see your link on the share tab in your Influencer section. To get the Influencer section, simply click the menu button in the top right hand corner of the app.

For every person who joins Mowjow because of you – you’ll be rewarded by us. To make sure as many of your friends and followers join, you’ll need to share your unique influencer link. Sharing it is easy. If you want, you can quickly share it to Facebook, Twitter, SMS, or Email from within the Mowjow. Or, you can cut and paste the link onto your website…or anywhere else where people will see it.

Within the influencer section of the Mowjow mobile app, you’ll see a features tab. After you’ve invited 10 friends to join, you’ll automatically unlock our ‘Share and Track’ feature. From here you’ll be able to see at a glance how many people have clicked on your unique link and joined Mowjow.

Have you tried Mowjow yet?

If you haven’t not played Mowjow yet, you’re in for a treat. Our game is jam-packed with exciting opportunities to win amazing prizes including holidays, cars, gadgets, and even cash. Download it now on iOS or Android and try it for yourself.

Want to be an Influencer?

To join our program, all you need to do is download the Mowjow app and start sharing your link. It couldn’t be simpler to get started. So why wait?

This article was originally published on August 9, 2017.