Share registration

When we in 2016 transferred all shareholders from Mowjow AB in Stockholm to Mowjow Limited in London, the shareholders entered into a "Share Transfer and Registration Agreement". The shares in Mowjow Limited where to be held in a nominee account until delivery into the electronic share register in the United Kingdom (CREST) was ready.

We have awaited to proceed with electronic share distribution, as this process requires all shareholders to have so-called CREST eligible share dealing accounts in the United Kingdom. Based on our previous experience with Mowjow AB in Sweden ("the exhausting Mangold process"), as well as the emergence of "Security Tokens" as a new and modern form of digital ownership, we have postponed the electronic distribution process.

We strongly believe that "Security Tokens" will replace the traditional share structure and represent the future of digital ownership. We will revert with more information in due course. Meanwhile, you can learn more about "Security Tokens" in this article in Coinsutra or this article in Forbes.

As a consequence, all your shares are still formally held by a nominee company (pursuant to the "Share Transfer and Registration Agreement" from 2016), and therefore we are not calling regular annual general assemblies of shareholders. With more than 600 shareholders this is also a very unpractical matter to efficiently execute.

The shares in Mowjow Limited have the International Securities identification number (ISIN) GB00BYV23L49 issued by the London Stock Exchange.

We'll keep you updated on how we decide to proceed with the electronic share distribution in due course.

Your shareholding

Our records reflect the following information about your shareholding:

- Shareholder name: [dynamic data field]
- Total shares: [dynamic data field]
- Total investment: [dynamic data field]
- Average share price: [dynamic data field]
- Number of purchases: [dynamic data field]

Your shares are in Mowjow Limited in London (UK company 10213230), which is the main holding company of all our activities.

If you have any queries about your shareholding or Mowjow in general, please reach out to us with an email to [email protected].

Annual accounts

Mowjow Limited was formed in June 2016 and has to date submitted two statutory annual accounts to the HM Revenue & Customs in the United Kingdom.

The accounting requirements for small companies are limited in the United Kingdom, and we have therefore submitted two so-called Abridged accounts (basically a balance sheet statement) covering the period up til June 30, 2018. Please find these accounts here.

We are in the process of changing the accounting reference date in order to have the accounts synchronised with the calendar year. We will also develop and publish more detailed accounting and performance reports.

The previously reported gross revenue of about USD 1 million for the last fiscal year remains. However, the bulk of this revenue was recorded subsequent to the above account's reference date, and will therefore be reflected in upcoming accounts.

What's next?

Over the past two years, we have been actively developing a modern blockchain-based solution to create a vast gaming community, and cordially raise substantial funding to fuel marketing campaigns.

Working with the latest technologies has been tremendously challenging, but also unveiled great opportunities for how we could grow our business.  

We will shortly tell you all about what we have been up to in great detail, as well as the exciting opportunities of our upgraded gaming and blockchain venture.

Meanwhile, you can head over to our updated website and have a look at the about 100 newsletters we have sent our stakeholders since we started.

Till next time,

Best regards,
Andreas Christensen
Founder of MOWJOW