We have today identified some additional issues at Mowjow regarding the payment flow and potential points of failure. In particular, these are related to the comprehensive security measures provided by payment gateway.

However, we have also found issues in our own system that need to be improved in order to further avoid potential points of failure at the paygate. These are matters particularly related to account creation: that’s why many users have received messages that their card or account already exists, etc.

The current setup with the paygate allows us to test by using our own user accounts and payment cards. Prior to the launches we duly tested successfully; unfortunately however, new issues emerged when a more diverse user base was deployed.

We are resolving these issues and are implementing new testing procedures to avoid such embarrassing situations in the future. We are working on these issues closely with the paygate team and have to retain their procedures and workflow. We will therefore postpone the public invite opening till next week.

We will revert with more information early next week.

Me and the whole team are really sorry for these delays, but please rest assured that we are stretching every fibre in our bodies to get this sorted out (and I actually have quite a few fibres to stretch...).

Have a nice weekend!

Best regards,
Andreas Christensen
Founder, Chairman & CEO of Mowjow

This newsletter to the Mowjow community was originally sent on December 13, 2013.