Sector: Skill Gaming
Required investment:€1 million
Enterprise Value: €15 million
Investment Round: Growth Funding

Executive Summary

At Mowjow, we’ve taken the trivia concept that 400 million mobile quizzers love, and combined it with exciting skill-based prize tournaments, to give everyone, everywhere, the unique opportunity to use their knowledge to earn amazing, rewarding prizes.

The Team

Andreas Christensen - Executive Chairman and Founder
Norwegian entrepreneur Andreas is the visionary founder and principal investor behind Mowjow. With MSc studies in Business and Economics at the Norwegian Business School, and an extensive background in mobile technology, he is perfectly placed to take overall responsibility for the corporate strategy, development and management of Mowjow.

Oleksiy Nesterenko - Executive Director (Finance)
Oleksiy oversees Mowjow’s financial planning and is responsible for developing growth- and value-driven strategy. Holding an MBA (INSEAD), and having spent five years in Merrill Lynch’s technology team, Oleksiy draws on over a decade of financial sector experience and his proven specialism in media and technology to accelerate Mowjow’s growth.

Sergey Kazachenko - Executive Director (Corporate)
Sergey is Mowjow’s key financial deal-maker, devising corporate finance strategy and investor acquisition activities. He holds an MSc in Finance Studies, and provides a wealth of corporate finance experience from six years spent as an equity analyst at SwedBank and four years as an equity research partner at Pareto Securities.

Mowjow’s team and advisors have a wealth of experience gained from working with global giants like Facebook, Google, YouTube, SAP, Coca-Cola, and McCann. They bring vast knowledge in technology, commercial strategy, and design, to help inform the day-to-day operation of the company and ensure that Mowjow is constantly pushing forward in the right direction.

Market Analysis

Mowjow is positioned at the intersection of two fast growing markets: mobile gaming and mobile advertising.

The total blended value of these markets today is above EUR 100 billion and is growing fast with a blended CAGR of more than 30%. The trivia segment we’re targeting is very popular and has about 400 million core players, representing 20% of all mobile gamers. The total market value - including attainable advertising markets – is estimated upwards of EUR 10 billion.

The trivia gaming segment is a hugely popular genre with only a few global operators.

The Business & Opportunity

The proliferation of smartphones has led to an unprecedented demand for challenging and thought-provoking games presenting us with a genuine opportunity to become a category leader in a huge, fast-growing market.

Our visually stimulating mobile quiz game ensures players are challenged, entertained, and excited, and it’s these emotions that motivate them to keep coming back for more.

We believe that gaming should be enjoyable, rewarding and social. Our users can play Mowjow alone, but it’s even more exciting when they challenge friends or take on the world. As well as getting attractive prizes, our winners also discover our crucial experience - the joy that comes from mastering the game and making your luck.

Mowjow is globally available from the Apple and Google app stores and is closely integrated with Facebook. Leveraging these eco-systems helps us reach a vast global mobile audience.

Technology is at the heart of the Mowjow experience. We’ve developed a proprietary platform, which means that we’re fully in control and can scale fast and independently.

In a mobile trivia market, we’re disrupting the status quo by offering a new type of rewarding gameplay, where even the ads become a positive part of the experience. Put simply, Mowjow is unlike any other quiz game out there.

With a hybrid revenue model that combines a freemium game with ad revenue, we’re focused on long-term user retention by using the in-app purchase of game tickets to target a modest slice of the monthly spending by the mobile gamers.

Meanwhile our innovative and highly engaging ad formats will command a premium advertising rate as we help foster a meaningful relationship between brands and players.

Our user growth will also come organically thanks to our unique Fusion Graph technology which powers our influencer reward programme – a key part of our acquisition and retention strategy.

The game has been fully developed and played about 1 million rounds. We are already being played in more than 100 countries, and our experienced team are now ready to scale.

Unique Attributes

We believe that playing Mowjow is good for you and that the rewarding experiences we offer make it better and different from many other games.

We’ve developed our own gaming platform and games based on innovative, new and unique formats, while our Fusion Graph technology is an innovative approach to user acquisition and retention.

Our contextual advertising formats will help us serve a whole new kind of in-app advertising that is highly targeted based on player behaviour, which unlike traditional ads is non-invasive, and goes to enhance the overall gameplay.

We believe that our unique offering and advanced technology that will enable us to become a leading and highly profitable player in the mobile trivia space.

Financial Projections & Exit Strategy

We are ready to scale and will use the investment to fund growth of our player base to 1 million players, our initial benchmark for projected profitability. This growth will take the form of prizes and influencer rewards to help us achieve significant organic virality.

Below are our three-year financial projections;

With the funding, we will be well positioned to run a 60-day intensive marketing campaign while we fine tune our efficient growth engine towards 1 million players.

As we achieve profitability and continue to expand our player base towards 10 million players, we’ll start to focus on achieving a visible liquidity event like listing at the Nasdaq First North in Stockholm.

Investment Information

The holding company is based in London, and has a share capital of EUR 4.7 million divided into 47 million shares. To date, 600 investors have backed us with about EUR 3 million.

We’re now offering equity in return for EUR 1 million in growth funding at a valuation of EUR 15 million. We’ll use the money to grow our user base to 1 million players, which will help us towards a run rate revenue of EUR 15 million and achieve significant profitability.

Our highly profitable business model represents potentially outsized returns for early investors, and combined with a visible liquidity event, Mowjow forms an attractive investment opportunity.

Welcome to Mowjow. It’s Rewarding.

This investor brief was originally published on December 13, 2016.