We are pleased to announce a major commitment to our upcoming token sale and elaborate on the release of new apps. I hope everything is well at your end – because at ours we have some superb news to share.

Earlier this month we attended the massive CES/CoinAgenda event in Las Vegas where we also gave a presentation on our upcoming World by Mowjow crypto token project.

We received great feedback and we were delighted to welcome on board several new supporters. Amongst these new investors, each as valued as the last, is a major global blockchain service provider and investment firm.

Following legal and commercial due diligence over the past weeks, this major player has confirmed they will be supporting our World token sale to the tune of about USD 600,000 (nearly NOK 5 million) in a combined service and investment deal.

The firm has over the past six months successfully conducted 10 token sales (so-called ICOs) and raised north of USD 300 million (NOK 2.4 billion) in total. With the backing of such a professional operator, the outlook for our upcoming token sale is very good.

We are now underway in a process where their experts assess, and eventually amend, our concept before we finally move to publicly launch our token sale with their substantial backing.

During this excitement, our development team met some some unexpected changes when integrating our new crypto quiz into our iOS app. We’ve temporarily delayed the release date, as well as the media campaigns we spoke of last time, and value this opportunity to further refine the app that will be ready for release very soon.

Our development team is fully focused on now solving these issues, and we are confident that all will go ahead as planned - just a little bit later. And this extra wait has brought about some positivity.

In the extra time gained, our development team has collaborated closely with our crack trivia team to expand our question database, particularly related to the upcoming launch of our crypto quiz. You know what they say about every cloud.

That’s all for now – as the build up to our hotly anticipated World by Mowjow token sale continues, I thank you for your continued support and look forward to our next communication shortly.

All the best,
Andreas Christensen
Executive Chairman & Founder

This newsletter was originally published on January 30, 2018.