To date only 130 of our 600+ shareholders have registered to obtain a Mangold share dealing account. That's just about 20% and not very satisfactory at all!

The concept behind crowdfunding Mowjow was to obtain a broad range of shareholders in order to easily fulfil the initial listing requirements of having at least 300 shareholders in electronic positions; as well as to obtain a sufficient spread of the shares in the market.

The low response rate amongst our shareholders is currently a "road block" we need to overcome together. There are alternatives, but first and foremost we need to get more shareholders to arrange for their free Mangold share dealing accounts.

All shareholders that want their shares available for trading need to immediately obtain an electronic share dealing account with Mangold; otherwise we will not be able to transfer shares into your ownership. We preferably need in excess of 300 shareholders into such electronic share dealing accounts...

The process to get a Mangold account is described here;

We therefore kindly ask all of you that have not yet arranged for a Mangold account, to urgently do so. If you need any help please contact Mr. Cato Lyngstad on [email protected]

Good luck to you all!

Best regards,
Andreas Christensen
Founder, Chairman & CEO of Mowjow
Telephone +47 9155 2122 (24hrs)

This shareholder update was sent on January 23, 2013.