You, and billions of other mobile gamers worldwide, can now download Mowjow for free from all the Apple and Google app stores in up to 190 of the 196 countries in the world.

Our global adventure has only just begun, but word of Mowjow’s magic has already spread across half the world with players signing up from more than 100 countries so far.  The good news doesn’t stop there.  To help improve your Mowjow experience, we’ve also added many new features like:

Push Notifications – The new mobile apps give you notifications instantly for better and faster messages about your friends, invites and games.

Contextual Deep-Links – Your new link enable us to track and provide invites across app stores, other apps, specific games and provide unique personalisation. This world-class system is also used by AirBnB, Amazon and Starbucks to name but a few.  

Facebook Messenger – This new integration helps you quickly and easily send Mowjow invites to all your friends on Messenger.  

Custom Boarding – Your invites now take your friends to a custom invitation with your profile picture and gift of 10 free tickets. This give your friends a personalised and engaging experience as they join Mowjow.

Custom Games – You can now create your own quiz by selecting your own categories and inviting your friends to play.

All these amazing features are made to give you a better experience. They’re all alive and kicking in our new Apple and Google apps. If you already have the app, please update to get the latest goodies.

We’d love it if you’d tell everyone you know about Mowjow and of course rate us well in the app stores - it’s important to faster grow our player community!  

Happy Playing!

All the best,
Andreas Christensen
Executive chairman & Founder

This newsletter was originally published on December 16, 2016