We have in our past two newsletters introduced the new prize games and the revamped rewards model.

We are grateful for the feedback and questions we have received; please rest assured that more information will follow shortly. Meanwhile, with this newsletter, we would like to briefly summarize our game journey to date.

The First Game

In early 2013 we started developing the gaming concept we have today. During the first half of 2013 we created the initial platform based on PHP/MySQL technology. With this platform we had an initial game to test-play and the rewards model proved itself.

During our pre-launch we encountered major problems with the card processing solution provided by Wavecrest. The main reason was that we were boarded on a shared merchant account (without our knowledge) resulting in major operational difficulties and failures. This was a major setback, and we were all very disappointed.

After a lengthy and thorough process, we were finally approved and boarded with the global payment leader WorldPay in April 2014. Finally we had a great payment processing platform in place. Being an extraordinary skill game, it took both time and legal opinion to finally be approved.

However, we then encountered another issue with the gaming platform. The connection between the devices and the servers did not sustain properly at all times during scaling tests, due to so-called socket communication refreshes. We could not - despite all our exhaustive efforts - just not fix this glitch to any satisfaction. Houston we have a problem!

The New Technology

We had a major challenge at hand and needed to resolve this once and for all. We reviewed our options and decided to change the technology stack. We decided to re-engineer the whole platform into the MEAN stack using high speed document database like MongoDB, solid asynchronous middle layer like Node and an efficient Angular front end. Consequently, the gaming platform was re-engineered during the summer of 2014.

Finally, on August 1, 2014 we launched our single player game in beta mode. It was well received, but as with all novel products, we spent a lot of efforts debugging and adopting to various devices. The game became better and better and on November 1, 2014 we launched the first free tournament game. Finally on December 1, 2014 we also launched the money tournaments, reaching a major milestone.

Early this year we further improved and fine-tuned the game. We also concluded that we had a great platform and we passed more than 500,000 games played. Technically, we had a proven solution that performed well.

However, commercially we realized we needed to come up with a better solution on how to attract players and how the players could benefit from playing our games. We needed a sharper edge and more stickiness.

The Prize Concept

We looked into many options and we finally landed on two main changes: prize games and free ticket rewards. With the opportunity to win great prizes like gadgets, escapes and even cars, we saw a huge opportunity to add something really attractive to the initial money concept. The players will be tempted to play for dream objects. Likewise brands will be able to promote their products towards a huge audience. Combined with a larger focus on free tickets as a reward when challenging and sharing with friends, more players will join and, in turn, help us connect with new players. It seems so easy now, but it took us many iterations over months to arrive at this - from the outset - fairly simple solution.

Simplicity is difficult. Or, as Da Vinci said: "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" but "experience is the mother of wisdom”.

These new changes required substantial further development to our platform, as well as a novel communication concept. Over the past months we have principally been doing two things: developing the concept commercially and technically.

We have managed to work out a very good go-to-market plan where we use free tickets to convince existing and new players to be attracted by the game. Hardly anyone can resist free stuff and we - and many with us - are pretty convinced that this will be very well received.

To further enhance our platform we have not only made the required changes, we have also significantly improved the social and live functions, as well as added many new categories and questions.

If you haven't seen our new videos; please take a look at the new game video and the new rewards video.

We are pleased to conclude this wrap-up by stating that the concept and technology we have today is way better than we ever had before.

Thanks you for taking the time to read this; we have some exciting news about our corporate development that will follow shortly.

All the best,
Andreas Christensen
Executive Chairman & Founder

This newsletter was originally published on September 2, 2015.