We are ready to launch and we need your help to raise funding. We offer you to buy substantially discounted shares to help us with a great launch, secure your earlier investment and huge future profit. Please read this email carefully, see our investor material and the FundedByMe campaign.

A better concept

This year we have invested more than €350,000 in making our gaming platform superb. We have now completed a process that has transformed Mowjow into much more than a game.  We now see Mowjow as the perfect offering with prize and cash tournaments, as well as advertising coupled with many freebies and social elements. Also, the crowd marketing model has been completely changed and simplified. Everything works together to constantly engage and reward our players.

Today’s players have higher demands than just a few years ago, and we are now able to meet these by offering many new features, and enter the market with a tested, innovative and forward-looking concept. We have staged a limited mobile demo for you at test.mowjow.com. Please only use your mobile to access this test. Also, note that many features are not yet activated and that the questions run from a small test database.    

New team

We have completely changed the team, and now we also have some of the best people in marketing and design helping us. They are all profoundly committed to our mutual success through personal investments in Mowjow. Please check out our investor material to read all about them.

I am proud to work with individuals of such capacity.

The need for investments

This autumn our business was thoroughly reviewed by professional investors. They really liked the concept and believe that Mowjow can become a huge success. Therefore, we have secured a Letter of Intent to raise upwards of €5 million in growth and expansion funding before we proceed to list at Nasdaq First North.

However, this commitment is from growth stage investors, and they want some initial traction of 100,000 players before they can invest. Therefore, we now need additional funding to launch and build the player base. Please read our detailed launch plans and projections at the end of this email.  

Investment offer

We are now raising €500,000 from our stakeholders. This funding is very important for the future of Mowjow and the value of your earlier investment. To make this investment extremely attractive for those who invest now, we have decided to give you a huge exclusive discount. We will give you 50% discount on the average historical price of €0.50 down to only €0.25 per share to those of you that invest within Friday, December 4, 2015. The minimum investment is €500, and we are closing the opportunity as soon as the funding is in place. By investing now, you are helping us launch while also making a substantial profit for yourself. When we reach 100,000 paying players, the share value is estimated to be €2.40 and each €500 worth of shares will have an estimated value of €4,800. That is a whopping 800% return on your investment. It’s good for both you and Mowjow. You can use this investment calculator to see how much your existing and new investment potentially could be worth. You can secure your shares directly here, and you need to insert the code “launch” to get the 50% discount.  

This is what ACF Equity Research, London says about Mowjow:

"Mowjow is not creating a market from scratch, its offering is about innovating and expanding a significant market. Gaming and playing games online is already an established behavior amongst consumers. Mowjow’s offering is aimed at greenfield subscribers, as well as competing for the existing wallet in a growth market. The target audience is global, significant and growing. The game mechanics are very straightforward and arguably tried and tested over decades. The key to Mowjow’s offering is that it is combining what the market has learned over decades about knowledge-based quizzes with prizes and over the last 5-10 years with respect to social media. We estimate the fair market value of Mowjow to €15 million. Further catalyst will be commercial launch and next round of funding."  

This valuation implies a price of €0.50 per share, exactly double the great offer and opportunity we give you today.    

FundedByMe campaign

We are also sourcing funding from other investors, and we are pleased to inform you that FundedByMe (a Swedish crowdfunding platform) just approved our campaign, and you can see it here. It showcases Mowjow in a good way.

The campaign is still in private mode, but will be live to their 60,000 users shortly, as we wanted to give you a head up first.

We will launch within 30 days of securing €500,000 in new funding. The time will be used to prepare and stage final campaigns.

We have prepared extensive investor material here where you can read all the details.

Please also feel free to contact me anytime (email: [email protected]com).  Personally, I am extremely committed and have contributed €200,000 in the past six months. Now, we need all of you as investors to further commit and help us with more funding.  We urge you to invest in helping us launch successfully, as well as to secure your earlier investment and future profit.

I sincerely hope you understand and see the enormous potential ahead of us, and thank you for your continued support!  

All the best,
Andreas Christensen
Executive Chairman & Founder        

This newsletter was originally published on December 2, 2015.