Ahead of its upcoming $25 billion IPO, Snapchat – one of the darlings of the Silicon Valley mobile app scene – has announced it will open an international office in London.

The quick fire photo-sharing app already has offices in London but has re-focused its efforts to make the London base its international HQ. Whilst currently home to around 75 staff, this number will surely shoot up over time as the company’s reach continues to grow and new product offerings gain traction.  

Moving to London

Traditionally, most big American firms set up offices in Ireland or Luxembourg to minimise their tax liabilities. It seems Snapchat are positioning themselves as part of a growing, forward-thinking, trend to choose London as an international business hub.

The capital offers a huge talent pool, ready access to the rest of Europe, and is backed by the UK Government’s commitment to inward investment and international enterprise in the wake of Brexit.

With Mowjow already making the move, and jumping in to London’s thriving tech scene, Snapchat’s decision to cement their position in England’s capital only helps to validate our own.

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This update was originally published on April 1, 2017.