Closing in on the game

The core game has been working well for a long time. However, in our live test versions we’ve encountered issues related to the communication of invites and challenges. Smoothing this process has taken much of our time and effort, regretfully delaying our launch.

We hate the delays as much as you do. We’ve resolved most of the issues and we’re now playing a very stable beta amongst ourselves. Following a few more updates, we’ll shortly be ready to unveil the public beta.

New commercial team

We’ve just signed an agreement with a highly experienced Chief Commercial Officer who will start working this forthcoming Monday. He and his team will focus on moving Mowjow to new heights. We’ve also added experienced marketers on social marketing as you will shortly experience. We'll start unfolding these changes next week and will keep you posted as we go.

Status on listing

We will list when we have a sufficient shareholder base enrolled with Mangold and secured additional funding to meet Nasdaq’s capital requirements. In conjunction with the game launch, a second round of funding will also be launched. An additional special offer to existing shareholders will follow in due course. Meanwhile, please note that all affected accounts have been updated with the extra shares as I had promised earlier. Therefore, all shareholders have now paid an average maximum price of €0.50 per share.

Have a nice weekend!

Best regards,
Andreas Christensen
Executive Chairman & Founder of Mowjow

This newsletter was originally published on May 30, 2014.