Our market consists of 4 billion people across the world with mobile internet access, and, more specifically, the 2 billion of these who play mobile games. Widespread mobile usage has sparked “the mobile habit” reflecting the significant social and viral focus of our modern culture. Mowjow draws on this characterization with its innovative sharing economy, fully utilizing mobile technology to maximize sector prosperity. That’s why Mowjow is thriving.


This year, mobile games will generate €33 billion in revenue. That’s 37% of the total global gaming market, worth €90 billion. Mobile is the fastest-growing gaming segment, showing an annual compound growth rate of 15%. Quiz games are one of the most popular mobile game genres with a target audience exceeding 400 million mobile quiz players and 60 million paying players spending €21 a month on average. Mowjow is uniquely positioned to serve this audience with its revolutionary sharing economy system.


Mowjow is designed to attract a large number of users, which coupled with its range of new, non-invasive advertising formats creates an attractive proposition for advertisers. Our skill-based gaming foundation offers a bank of unique data intelligence for highly-targeted programmatic advertising. This ability drives our overall revenue metrics and nurtures long-standing, profitable relationships with advertisers.  

This article was originally published on August 5, 2016.