The People’s App Store

Apps must pay sizeable fees to feature in app stores but research has shown that the market does not act on the latest app store listings and that over 50% of app-related purchases are made via personal recommendations. Our unique sharing economy uses all funds saved to reward customers for playing and recommending our app. We call it “the people’s app store,” reflecting the innovative new standard established by Mowjow.

Sharing rewards the right way

The mobile app universe seems to focus more on benefiting app stores and makers than app users. Most apps distribute 30% of revenue to app stores, 40% to discovery fees and 30% to operator profit. Mowjow does not believe in this detractive system. We have designed a revolutionary model that recognizes a customer-centric mobile sharing future. We channel 50% of revenue to prizes, 30% to player rewards and 20% to operator profit. Mowjow makes sure the right people are rewarded.

Where Credit is Due

Existing mobile quiz gaming referral reward systems are inefficient, inaccurate, based on guesswork and do not offer large enough rewards. Our 360° fusion rewards system employs social sharing metrics to accurately align rewards with positive user behaviour. This sharing economy is unique to mobile quiz gaming, accurately valuing and rewarding every online action that benefits Mowjow. Mowjow ends the era of guesswork in mobile game reward systems.

Sharing Economy of the Future

Mowjow’s platform incorporates the latest trends of the modern mobile lifestyle. Our research has shown the strong social and viral results produced by digital leaders across all sectors and Mowjow takes this further. Our marketing rocket science uses an industry-first sharing economy and big data analytics to continuously boost engagement. Mowjow skips unnecessary processes, providing the maximum for players with a new marketing style that makes sharing profitable. Mowjow is the first of its kind in mobile quiz gaming, introducing the sharing economy of the future.  

This game was originally published on August 6, 2016.