One of the features that sets Mowjow apart is our revolutionary Influencer program. Rewarding people is part of our core philosophy, and our influencer program is how we reward those who spread the word about Mowjow.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, social media star, celebrity, marketer or just an everyday quiz lover. Whether you’re a major affiliate with huge resources or just an average mobile gamer who wants to invite their friends to our great new game, being a Mowjow Influencer is totally free and anyone can do it!

Once you are an Influencer, Mowjow becomes a limitlessly rewarding experience – there’s nothing else like it in the mobile gaming world. Let’s take a look at how and why you should become an Influencer today.

Mowjow – what’s the big deal?

As you may already know, Mowjow is the trivia game taking the mobile quiz genre by storm. Mowjow is a unique, exciting and rewarding experience, that’s available in 190 countries around the world.

When you play Mowjow you have fun, train your brain and make new friends, as well as uncover amazing rewards and prizes.

If you are 18 or older, have a phone with Facebook and internet access, and don’t live in one of the few places Mowjow doesn’t operate (like North Korea, Saudi Arabia or Iraq), you are ready to play.

How does Mowjow work?

Like most popular mobile games, Mowjow runs on a freemium model.

This means you can play Mowjow for free and win big without spending a penny, but you can also make purchases to supercharge your experience with bigger chances to play for the largest prize pot in mobile quiz gaming.

The result is a globally inclusive experience that welcomes players with every kind of budget and personal goals.

How does Mowjow make money?

We generate our revenue when players buy tournament tickets to enter our free and prize tournament formats. We also generate revenue with our revolutionary advertiser opportunities.

Mowjow supports all new, non-invasive, and highly engaging ad formats. We help brands build meaningful relationships with players thanks to our unique player intelligence banks which sure players only see the ads that matter to them.

Mowjow’s game tickets

You can win tickets by playing in our free games but you can also purchase as many tickets as you like. They are great value at only 0.10 EUR each.

At least 1 ticket is needed per tournament round depending on what’s at stake – free tournaments have 3 rounds and prize tournaments have 3 to 7 rounds.

You can also earn 10 tickets for every new connection you bring to Mowjow by sharing our game across social media, and earn 1 ticket for winning a challenge.

What do Mowjow Influencers do?

Mowjow Influencers are all real players, just like you.

They add to our global community by promoting new player registrations and enjoy great rewards for doing it!

How do I become a Mowjow Influencer?

All you need to do to kickstart your Influencer Universe is invite 10 friends to Mowjow. Your Influencer Universe starts to grow as soon as those friends join Mowjow – which they do by simply clicking the unique link you share across social media. Your personal link is a unique code found in the “Share” tab of the Influencer section on your Mowjow dashboard.

Think of this link as your digital fingerprint. It means our tech can see every connection you make and grow your Influencer rewards. Just sit back and watch the rewards pile up! Invite just 10 connections to Mowjow and you will be awarded Influencer status. Then you unlock your exclusive Influencer tools, and the fun really begins.

What are the perks of Influencer status?

We’re glad you asked, because there are many! Mowjow’s power is in its social sharing possibilities, just like all the most popular mobile games.

The more you share, the more you are rewarded – simple as that. All you need to do is use the power of social media, and we all know how great that power is. Social media can make videos go viral, start new consumer trends, and influence the games our friends, family and others around the world enjoy.

Our Influencers earn rewards for every direct connection they make, and every connection each of those connections make. The amount you can earn is unlimited and once your Influencer Universe starts growing, there are loads of ways to enjoy your rewards.

You can withdraw your rewards as cash, swap them for more tickets and more chances to win big, or donate them to a wonderful educational charity. Our Influencers also receive a share of revenue for views of our advertisers’ campaigns:  the more of your connections who see our campaigns, the higher your share.

Mowjow grows with every new player you bring us. Our approach has established a new standard for mobile gaming’s socially driven future.

The Influencer Effect

Many studies have shown we are more likely to take part in activities promoted by our friends, family and celebrity idols. The great thing about our Influencer program is you don’t need to be famous. In fact, the average user, just like you, has the most influence of all:

55% of people will click on a friend’s shared social content, and 70% will join a game or make a purchase based on a friend’s shared social content. Social sharing on a global scale creates a positive buzz we like to call the Mowjow Effect. Tapping into the power of social influence that we all possess is what our Influencer program is all about.

Why is Social Influence so Powerful?

There are currently 3.2billion people (40% of the world’s population!) who access the internet each day, and they each own seven social media accounts on average.

This means your social recommendations carry great influence – in just a few steps, you can reach a new player on the other side of the world. Our Influencers share Mowjow with more and more of the world’s 400 million mobile quiz players every day!

Maybe you discovered Mowjow yourself, or maybe you were introduced by a friend – however you arrived here, it’s easy for you to keep our momentum going. Our Influencers’ Universes grow in the same way as the popular “6 degrees of separation” idea, recently made more popular by cult movie icon Kevin Bacon.

If you haven’t heard of it, let’s check out what it means.

6 Degrees of Separation (or Kevin Bacon!)

Perhaps you’ve heard of the famous game, 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Well, Mowjow’s Influencer system works the same way.

Film buffs took the “6 degrees of separation” idea that any two people are 6 or less connections apart and turned it into a game that sees you try connect any actor to Kevin Bacon in 6 steps or less. Try it out – it really works!

This successful idea shows our Influencers they really can connect with anyone around the world in just a few steps. Share Mowjow with your friends list one day, and who knows where it will end up the next? Social media makes it possible to reach a stranger on another continent without leaving your house – the more you reach, the more you are rewarded.

Anyone can become a power player as a Mowjow Influencer, and it is all tracked using our unique Fusion Graph.

Fusion Graph

Our Fusion Graph is a revolutionary reward calculation system that we have developed totally in-house. It sees every invite that gets sent out and answered, making sure you’re 100% accurately rewarded.

With Fusion Graph we accurately and generously reward every positive Influencer action across our player community. It’s a great way to harness the power of social sharing and sets Mowjow apart from the rest of the mobile gaming world.

Fusion Graph enables us to provide such generous Influencer rewards due to its unique and simple system. When one of your invites becomes a new connection, you receive 10% revenue for everything that connection makes.

And for each connection they make, you receive a third of that reward. And for every connection they make? Well, you receive a third of that too! It keeps going down to the tiniest amount, meaning there really is no limit to our Influencer rewards. The more you share, the more you are rewarded – easy!

Let’s get Influencing!

Now we’ve taken you through all of the benefits of becoming a Mowjow Influencer, there’s nothing left to do.

Become a Mowjow Influencer and enjoy the most rewarding experience in mobile gaming, totally free and without limit, simply for sharing our universal love of trivia with the power of your social influence.

You can start growing your Influencer Universe right now on your Mowjow app – just invite 10 friends to unlock your Influencer tools and get started. And if you want to find out more just check out:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I qualify for being a Mowjow Influencer?

A: As long as you are aged over 18 and don’t live in the few places Mowjow doesn’t run (places like North Korea, Saudi Arabia or Iraq), you are perfectly equipped to become a Mowjow Influencer.

Q: How many connections do I need to make to become an Influencer?

A: You need to bring just 10 new connections to Mowjow to unlock Influencer status and your exclusive Influencer tools. Every new connection beyond this adds to your Influencer rewards!

Q: Does it cost me anything to be a Mowjow Influencer?

A: Not at all! Being a Mowjow Influencer is totally free and relies only on the power of your social sharing.

Q: Are there any contracts to sign or obligations I should be aware of?

A: Absolutely none – being a Mowjow Influencer is totally without contracts or obligations and is incredibly easy to do.

A: Your personal link works just like any other URL, which means you can post it wherever you like. As well as on Facebook and your other social media accounts, you can also share it via your blog, emails and the comment section of any site you like.

Q: Will my connections be rewarded as well?

A: Of course, as long as they introduce more connections to Mowjow!

Q: Is there any limit to my rewards?

A: None at all! Your rewards grow endlessly as you bring more new players to Mowjow, and as they bring more new players of their own! Mowjow is a truly limitless rewarding experience.

Q: How can I check out the value of my Influencer rewards?

A: Easily – just head to the Influencer Calculator in the Influencer tab of your Mowjow dashboard for a detailed reward report.

Q: Is there a minimum payout amount?

A: Yes, the minimum payment amount is just 10 EUR.

Q: How do I receive my Influencer reward payout?

A: We currently use Worldpay, a world leader in payment processing, to send out our Influencer reward payouts directly to your linked debit card account.

Q: When will I get paid?

A: You can request a payment as soon as your balance reaches 10 EUR.

Q: How long does a payment take to process?

A: All payments take up to seven working days to process.

If you have any more questions, please contact our help team.

This article was originally published on September 1, 2017.