We hope you are having a great weekend and that you received last week’s newsletter where we introduced the prize games and our new game video.

Today we are pleased to show you the new rewards video and tell you more about how we have revamped the rewards model.

The rewards concept

We all know that people love to play games. Mobile games are booming in billions of pockets all over the world. The app stores are grossing big-time profits.

From the outset it has been part of Mowjow’s strategy to let all our players benefit from this fantastic opportunity. We don’t use the app stores - instead we return up to 30% (same rate as the app stores charges) of our earnings directly back to our players as rewards. When you, as a player, help us to connect with new players, we pay you instead of the greedy app stores. Therefore we also like to call it “the people’s app store”.

We use the social power of our players to connect with other players and grow the game. Think of how fast things are spreading today. Think of all the people you can reach in your social network. It’s often a case of hundreds of direct friends and many thousands of indirect connections.

This is the amazing power of the crowd; and it’s a massive untapped potential for you.

This is how it works

The rewards have now become twofold; you receive either free tickets or money. This is how it works:

Free players will be able to receive rewards in the form of free tickets when they win challenges or connect with new players.

Premium players - those paying for tickets - will also have the option to choose to receive their rewards in money. They will also receive potentially double the rewards of free players. Tickets costs only €0.10 each and are sold in packages of 100 tickets for €10.

Boost players - those opting for a paid boost package - will in addition to the optional money rewards, also receive potentially four times the rewards of the free players. The boost subscribers will also benefit to a larger extent from randomly connecting players. A boost subscription costs €50/month.

With these three options we believe we meet the expectations and requirements, as well as give some greatly rewarding opportunities, for a very wide range of players.

Important limitation - in order to further improve the workings of the empowering rewards algorithms, we have imposed a very important limitation: you cannot subscribe to additional boost packages (apart from the first one) unless you have been connected with a certain number of new players. This new requirement improves the distribution of players in the system, and also serves our "boosters" better.

You can easily connect with new players by either challenging them to play, or inviting them to connect directly through social media. But you are not alone! The rewards system will also automatically connect you with new players as the total player base grows. The more the merrier for everyone.

We think these revamped dynamics are a great improvement and will be very rewarding for our committed players.

The future is ours

How much each player is able to gain is dependent upon multiple factors. The number of connected players and their average spendings are naturally the two most decisive parameters. We will reveal more quantitative details about your potential later.

We have created the next generation of crowd marketing. This is a very powerful tool that will be mutually beneficial to us and the players. However, we are up against some really powerful competition. Hence, we need to dive into this lucrative market and fight together to win enough players for our game.

The future success for all of us depends on our combined efforts and dedication.

We are fully committed to constantly deliver a very rewarding proposition; likewise we trust and believe that you will actively take part in this great opportunity by marketing it to your friends in return for the rewards you will receive.

Please enjoy the new rewards video here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this- more information will follow next week. Meanwhile we hope you'll continue to have a wonderful Sunday.

All the best,
Andreas Christensen
Executive Chairman & Founder

This newsletter was originally published on August 9, 2015.