We are very excited to finally start sharing more details with you regarding all the things we have been up to, mainly creating changes to improve the Mowjow application.

We regret that it’s taken some time to make the changes, but we ran into a few roadblocks that we had to overcome (it’s never a straight road). And we are very satisfied that we did indeed overcome them!

As a result we have made many valuable additions and changes across the board related to the quiz, the rewards and the team. We are currently in process of deploying final tweaks and designs. After proper testing, we will shortly re-launch.

Three types of quizzes

As far as the quiz itself is concerned we needed to improve the offering of winnings in order to achieve more loyalty (i.e. people getting hooked) and excitement. With this in mind we have now divided the quiz into three types:

Free quiz where you can play as much as you want in single player mode, including free tournaments with strangers, as well as the ability to challenge your friends to earn social glory.

Prize quiz where you play for attractive prizes like cool gadgets, great escapes and even cars (!) using either free (you can be rewarded with free tickets) or purchased tickets.

Money quiz where you can play for cash prizes of up to €1 million. The money quiz will be opened when we have attracted a sufficient number of players to the platform.

Please check out our brand new game video at the top of this email to learn more.

Attractive free tickets

We think the introduction of the ultimate prize quiz combined with a very attractive model of getting free tickets as a reward for connecting new players, or as a reward for previous wins, will be very well received.

This will also be a very attractive concept to market on social media (people love the opportunity to win prizes without having to pay) and should bring us a very large number of players. Especially as we will use attractive brands to sponsor prizes, which will be delightful temptations for our players.

Valuable eyeballs

With a large number of players comes an inherent value in player data and marketing opportunities. Even if the players choose to play for free to start off with, statistics show that some will eventually pay for bigger prizes, whilst others will market it to friends who will pay. Not everyone is a gamer, but almost everyone has a friend (or five) who is.

We also think this introduces an additional strategic goal for us: to become a “pleasure dome” of attractive and exciting free stuff. This, in turn, will be combined with a very strong underlying marketing platform, optimised for strategic partnerships and alliances.

Can you imagine how an airline could use these quizzes to promote escapes using stunning branded images, a few tempting prizes and maybe discounted travel offers to all, or selected players? It’s a very strong and mutually beneficial offering.

When are we launching?

Very soon, we are in the final testing phase and expect to launch in a few weeks. We love our friends and players and will shortly give you an opportunity to invite your friends to earn free tickets before we launch.

We will be in touch again soon to reveal more exciting details for you. Meanwhile we would like to extend our sincere thanks for all the patience and support we receive.

We wish you a splendid Sunday and a fabulous start to next week.

Best regards,
Andreas Christensen
Executive Chairman & Founder

This newsletter was originally published on 2 August, 2015.