Yesterday we experienced many rejected card transactions and this caused a lot of frustration at Mowjow.

We have today together with the payment gateway analyzed the failed transactions and we have found the main reason for the rejections. The reason is related to high-level security protocols validating the cardholder’s registered country.

Without compromising other security measures on the paygate platform, we have today been able to remove such validation from the following countries;

Austria (EU) - Belgium (EU) - Denmark (EU) - Finland (EU) - France (EU) - Germany (EU) - Italy (EU) - Luxembourg (EU) - Netherlands (EU) - Norway - Portugal (EU) - Spain (EU) - Sweden (EU) - Switzerland - United Kingdom (EU)

Further, we have flushed the payment card base in order to allow rejected users another chance to participate. This is currently being updated and we therefore kindly ask you to try again in a few hours.

With this at hand, we have decided to allow the current investors some more time to secure their positions. Therefore we have decided to prolong the exclusive investor registration period until tomorrow at 18 hrs. We will then open for invites!

We have also implemented many small fixes to the site today :-)

Best regards,
Andreas Christensen
Founder, Chairman & CEO of Mowjow

This newsletter to investors was originally sent out on December 12, 2013.