We're working on some great video marketing stuff for Mowjow and kindly call for your help. We need actors, as follows:

Main character

A male in his mid-thirties. Relatively successful and living a carefree life. For the most part he is happy with his life, he has a nice house, good job. He reluctantly accepts the fact that his wife has a female lover. Even if it both bothers him and makes him slightly envious, he enjoys the thought of them together. Still he feels cheated on and that’s why he strongly dislikes the mistress. In his eyes she is the only person that actually gets the better of him.This character represents the viewer and is personified by the hand playing the game.

The Blond

She is a stereotypical blond babe who is easily perceived as simple and stupid. She has sizeable headlights, dresses nice but provocatively, and has flirtatious eyes. She is the kind of woman that every man likes, but no one would marry... She doesn’t see herself as stupid, even though her stupidity has been revealed to her on several occasions. She is in her mid twenties.

The Neighbour

This is the kind of neighbour you dislike, because in every aspect of life he tries to come across as better than everyone else. He appears successful, with a perfect garden, spotless car, freshly mown lawn. He dresses well, but in a dull old-fashioned way, bordering on a nerdy look. He is superficially happy, without credibility. He is a grey person between the age of 40 and 60 years old.

The Mother-in-Law

She is a condescending, upper class lady who in words, actions and manners always lets you know that she knows better. She sticks her nose in everyone else’s business, giving advice where it is not wanted, and never in a positive way. No one will ever be good enough for her daughter, and not even her own children are good enough in her opinion. She is in her mid to late fifties.

The Wife and The Lover

The wife is a typically pretty women in her mid- thirties. She is attractive, intelligent and modern in her appearance, and even though she is a married mother, she has a lesbian lover. It’s someone she met through work.

The lover is of the same age, preferably a black/mixed woman of a feminine appearance with a hint of masculinity such as (relatively) short hair. She is unafraid, outgoing and shameless about the fact that she is sleeping with a married woman.

We're paying with cash, pride and glory!

Pitch us yourselves, your friends, colleagues and neighbours!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at email [email protected] or any of the  Mowjow team.

We appreciate your help :-)

Best regards,
Andreas Christensen
Founder, Chairman & CEO of MOWJOW

This article was originally published as a shareholder update on September 25,  2013.