Pre-launch starts today

We will just before midnight today open for our shareholders to register for real cash pre-launch packages. Until tomorrow at 18:00 CET it will be possible to register your payment card and purchase only one pre-launch subscription at EUR 20.00,-.

We will then tomorrow at 18:00 CET open for the opportunity to purchase additional pre-launch packages and to start inviting all your friends.

This two-step process is done in order to allow all investors an equal and fair chance to initially position themselves before the “public boost”.


The card payment system is accepting Visa and Mastercard from EU and Norway. For security reasons only one unique card is allowed per account. Each card is first stored in the wallet account and then charged. You will for now not be able to edit or delete the card information once it is entered into the wallet account. Therefore please be very accurate when you insert your card details!


To compensate for the late departure I have decided to donate 10,000 shares to the first one who reach 1,000 paying subscriptions in their social circles. That's an amazing prize soon worth tens of thousands of Euros!

Good luck!

Best regards,
Andreas Christensen
Founder, Chairman & CEO of MOWJOW

This newsletter was originally published on December 4, 2013.