Initial Fundraising Stage Complete

We’ve now successfully completed the five initial rounds of financing by attracting gross investments in excess of €600,000 from more than 400 investors. We’ve now also revoked and deleted all unpaid positions as we are in the process of conducting an intermediary financial audit and confirmation of funding for the listing purpose.

All payments should now be updated and we kindly ask you to log in and review your position. Please also make sure your profile is updated with your full name, address and mobile number. If you encounter any discrepancies please don’t hesitate to contact our support team immediately.

We’ve implemented a new support ticket system from leading provider Zendesk and we kindly ask you now to direct all inquiries to [email protected]

Registration is Beginning

We will shortly launch a pre-registration phase where we aim to recruit a significant number of players to seize on this great early bird opportunity. These initial packages will cost €20 and consist of 20 gameplays and a Social Rewards boost element. We’re currently migrating investor positions to the player system, as well as implementing a dedicated payment gateway. We will launch this pre-registration soon and we believe it will be very well received.

Due Diligence is Underway

We’re in the process of preparing all the necessary analysis, audits and updates of corporate documentation for the public listing. We expect this to be completed within the previously communicated timeframe of 4-6 weeks starting from completing the first phase of the crowdfunding process last week.

Our Team is Growing

The team behind Mowjow has been strengthen with some really great and creative people that will further enhance our execution going forward. There are now about 20 people that regularly contribute to the platform. In addition, we have 20+ writers in our freelance editorial team creating questions.

Entering a Crucial Time

We’re now entering a new phase where we will be diligently finalizing plans for the launch of the game and the public listing of the company. In doing so, we will enter a deemed “quiet period” which will limit the amount of information we disseminate to the public.

We will, however, do our best to keep our shareholders updated but please be patient.You can expect regular updates over the next few weeks including our latest press release which was released today.

A limited number of shares are this week offered at €0.50 each. Next week the share price will be increased to €0.75 each, thereafter we plan to trade at €1.00 each.

Thank you for your continued support of Mowjow.

Best regards,
Andreas Christensen
Founder, Chairman & CEO of MOWJOW

This article originally appeared as a shareholder update on October 14, 2013.