… to increase the value of your Mowjow shares in 2017, as well as an opportunity for you to play an active part in growing your investment.

Last year we worked tirelessly to develop our game and it now boasts a whopping 80% engagement rate! Following our soft launch, we’ve built a player base of more than 10,000 people without any marketing. It’s a great stepping stone, but now we need more. Much more.

The Magic 1 Million

Our innovative approach to mobile gaming has caught the attention of world-leading technology investors who can see Mowjow’s potential.

Before we can access these deeper pockets and get what’s known as “Series A” funding, we need to grow our player base towards 1 million players to prove “significant traction”.

Once we hit the magic million player mark, these large investors will inject substantial amounts, which will increase the value of your shares, and fast track the company towards a lucrative exit event so you can cash out.

Reaching this level also opens many doors for us. The Global Head of Gaming at Facebook is already enjoying the game, while the former Head of Business Development at YouTube - now a Google executive - is already one of our advisors and shareholders.

With growth, we will also develop partnerships with companies like Facebook and Google further, and easily connect with major brands, press, and media publications for promotion. It sets us up for huge, sustained, growth towards our three-year goal of 30 million players.

The Way Forward

We’re growing every day; we just need to grow faster to attract 1 million players and unlock that game-changing Series A funding. Investing in paid player acquisition is the quickest way to get us there and increase the value of your shares.

The good news is, we’ve recently reached an agreement with Fiksu - the world’s top mobile marketing agency. They helped QuizUp hit 1 million players in one week, and now it’s our turn.

With Fiksu we can run laser-focused ad campaigns to attract new players. In time, these players will invite their friends to join them on Mowjow, helping propel us past the crucial first million.

We have a highly efficient growth engine that will help us grow fast, but like any engine, it needs fuel. Therefore, we are raising growth capital to plug in to our marketing machine, to help us hit more players, secure larger investor backing, and create outsized returns for you.

Your Contribution

You’ve invested  a certain amount in return for your shares, alongside a growing list of more than 630 other investors to bring us to where we are today. However, we’re now urging you as an existing shareholder to help us grow more quickly and close in on a hugely rewarding return on your investment. To help you participate we’ve prepared two attractive offers for you:

Firstly, to make sure your investment in Mowjow flourishes, we’re offering you the chance to purchase further shares to help us raise the funding we need to get to the magic 1 million.

As a thank you for your help, we’re offering you an exclusive rate of just €0.30 a share.

We’re extending our offer and you can purchase additional shares via our Mowjow website  up until Tuesday January 10, 2016 using the code “DEAL”.

Supporting our growth marketing campaign will grow the value of your shares and allow you to cash in handsomely. Remember that at the 3 million player mark, you are looking at an estimated tenfold increase in your investment.

For further details, see our email from December 24, 2016.

Secondly, we urge you to invite all your friends to play. The more the merrier, but get at least 10 friends to join to show us that you’re engaged. To spark your interest: the person who recruits the most new players by Tuesday January 10, 2016, will be rewarded with 10,000 shares.

When we reach 1 million players these shares are estimated to be worth a cool €10,000, and by the time we hit 5 million players they’ll skyrocket to an eye-watering €50,000. So, there’s no time to waste!

Please do your best to help us grow your investment faster. Thanks for your continued support.

All the best,
Andreas Christensen
Executive Chairman & Founder

This newsletter was originally published on January 5, 2017.