With the Holiday Season and the delays in mind, we will keep this pre-launch opportunity private for our investors until December 25, 2013. We will then open for you to also invite your friends.

We've added some improved functionality to the system:

1. You are able to add funds to your account balance directly from debit and credit cards.

2. You are able to internally transfer money to other Mowjow accounts.

3. You are be able to fund your account by local bank payments in about 50 countries across the globe (activated tomorrow).

4. You are able to withdraw funds to your bank account (activated tomorrow).

Being a new merchant we need to apply pretty strict security measures related to card payments. Please note the following limitations related to card payments:

You need to use an internet connection (IP address) in the same country as where your card is issued.

You need a card issued in one of the following countries:

Austria - Belgium - Denmark - Finland - France - Germany - Italy - Luxembourg - Netherlands - Norway - Portugal - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - United Kingdom.

You can only make 10 purchases per 24 hours.

You need to be accurate when entering your card information as we currently don't have a function to edit this information (in process).

We're very sorry for all the delays, but we're very happy to see that the core system is performing very well and that the challenges have primarily been related to the card payment gateway.

We've already taken steps to improve the card payment functionality and we will shortly deploy additional features.

We'll provide more information on the way ahead tomorrow.

Best regards,
Andreas Christensen
Founder, Chairman & CEO of Mowjow
Telephone +47 9155 2122 (24hrs)

This newsletter to investors was originally sent on December 22, 2013.