I know you’re all wondering how things are going, when the game will be launched and when we will be listed. Well, the truth is that we’ve been waiting for some things to fall into place, so here’s the first in a series of imminent updates on what’s going on here at Mowjow:

WorldPay as payment provider

As we’re all aware, we experienced a lot of problems with the initial payment processor. We were sold a solution that was not delivering as envisioned and contracted; despite the many efforts and flexibility shown from our side, the operator was not able to provide a satisfactory service.

With this at hand, we began concrete talks with WorldPay back in December and we reached terms in January, getting the final agreements executed from both parties at the end of February. Please note that our game is not exactly industry standard and substantial legal and commercial due diligence was required.

Alongside these commercial matters, the technical implementation has also taken place. We’re now in the final test phase, with one of the best and most comprehensive payment gateways in the world.

We’ve been awaiting the payment solution to feel fully ready to tell you. But, we’ve used the waiting time well. The game has been slightly restructured. The game now consists of three levels of difficulty, amongst ten main categories; this stunning configuration produces billions of possible combinations. We dare to just call it:

The world’s most advanced quiz game

And we’ve taken it even further, linking our advanced platform directly to a leading translation platform, so that the game will, from the outset, be available in 30 languages. That's pretty cool and opens up for a huge amount of potential users across the globe...

Getty Images really enjoys the concept, and this is how they endorse us:

“The rise of image-rich mobile entertainment is showcasing the power of imagery to drive customer engagement in an increasingly visual world. Mowjow’s innovative gaming model and its use of high quality copyrighted images from Getty Images demonstrates that technology and content licensing can be mutually beneficial. This partnership sets a new standard for imagery in the mobile gaming industry and we are proud to be partnered with Mowjow” - Getty Images

WorldPay will also release similar type of endorsement in press releases when we launch. That will create substantial press coverage across the gaming industry and will definitely put Mowjow in the limelight.

Finally I would like to introduce our short explanation of what Mowjow is;

"The picture quiz where it pays to be smart."

This is amazing and it all happens this month!

Back very shortly with more news.

Best regards,
Andreas Christensen
Founder, Chairman & CEO of Mowjow

This newsletter to shareholders was circulated on March 7, 2014.